Let’s get PAWsitive on Social Media!

I have a confession to make…  Although I am not very active on social media I do have a slight obsession with following a specific kind of account. I’m not talking about famous celebrities, sports stars, politicians, businesses, or even glamorous “lifestyle Influencers.” I’m talking about… DOGS!  

Puppers, Doggos, Pupperinos, Fluffers, Floofs, Woofers and Boofers.  I like them ALL!

Whether it’s watching a golden retriever run along a scenic beach, a German Shepherd with floppy ears stick it’s head out the window of a car, or a goofy Corgi dressed up for Halloween, doggos will always be sure to make you smile and brighten your day!

These Pet Influencer accounts have millions of followers, (often more followers than humans) and have an amazing ability to connect with people. Did you know… some Instagram dogs have New York Times best-selling books!

What I love about most of the accounts below, is that the photography is highly professional and often showcase beautiful landscapes and unique parts of the world.  Not to mention the personality of these dogs will always make you laugh!

From Doug the Pug to Tucker Budzyn, here are my favourite doggos on Instagram:

@retrievingdreams – Meet Sadie & Sawyer, a chocolate rescue girl and a golden show dog

@itsdougthepug – This 2x People’s choice award winner is the King of Pop culture.

@jaxon_thegolden – This show doggo lives in Ontario and is always up for an adventure.

@thiswildidea – Maddie is a Nashville based Coonhound that travels across America. Her owner is a photographer, and the pictures are amazing!

@scoutgoldenretriever – Dog on a mission to make the world a better place, one free hug at a time!

@tuckerbudzyn – *My personal favourite* – Tucker is always entertaining and loves giving ‘Linda’ a tough time. He even has a youtube channel.

There you have it, my confession is out there. If you ever need a good laugh, a smile or something to brighten your day, then it’s time to add some more ‘PAWSitivity’ to your Instagram.