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8-Ball Pool

Sport Info


What you need to know about Pool!

# of People on Field

2 Players (no gender requirements).

Suggested Roster

2 players (have subs in mind)


Equipment including cues, tables, balls provided. Players may bring their own pool cue.

Addtional League Information

All teams receive:

  • Team Trophy
  • Coveted VSSC Champion Team T-Shirts!
  • Bragging rights and swagger



Download the rules here: VSSC_8-Ball_Pool_Rules.pdf

SSC Official 8-Ball Billiards Rules


  • The object of the game is for the player to pocket all of their balls (solids or stripes), and then legally pocketing the 8-ball to win.

Game Length

  • Teams must finish all 3 games within the designated 2 hour timeframe.
  • Games start and end according to your online SSC schedule. 


Players on Team and Equipment

  • Teams are comprised of 2 players, shooting alternately.  There is no gender rule.
  • The game is played with fifteen balls, numbered 1 to 15 and the cue ball.  Object balls consist of two groups; solids and stripes.
  • Equipment is provided at your location.  Players are allowed to bring their own cue stick.

Game Setup & The Break

  • The winner of the coin toss chooses who breaks. The break alternates each inning.
  • On the break, the cue ball must be totally within the kitchen area, that is, not hanging over the line.
  • The front ball is racked on the foot spot, with the 8-ball in the centre of the third row of the triangle, a stripe in one back corner and a solid in the other.
  • A legal break is made provided at least four balls from the rack hit a rail. Failing to do so, the player must re-break.
  • If a player pockets the 8-ball on the break, the player has the option to re-rack and break again or spot the 8-ball and continue the inning
  • All fouls on the break result in ball in hand anywhere on the table.
  • An open table exists:
    • Immediately after the break, whether any ball was made or not.
    • when the player who breaks, fouls on the break.
    • when no balls have been made.
    • when one or more balls from each group are pocketed on the break or on an open table.
    • On an open table, any combination is legal except hitting the 8-ball first.  The group pocketed becomes the player's group unless the player pockets at least one ball from each group, in which case the table remains open.


General Game Rules

  • Calling both the ball and the pocket is required 
  • Any ball made in a pocket or driven off the table stays down and out of play
  • If a player makes a good hit on his object ball (including the 8-ball) and nothing hits a rail, but an opponent’s ball is pocketed, a legal safe has been made.
  • If a ball hanging on the edge of a pocket drops five seconds after the balls stop moving, the ball is replaced and is not considered made.
  • If a player legally pockets at least one of their object balls they may shoot again, even if an opponent’s ball is also pocketed.
  • If a player legally pockets the 8-ball and an opponent’s ball on the same shot, they still win.
  • Hitting your ball and the opponent’s ball at the same time is not a foul.



  • Pocketing the cue ball (scratch).
  • Shooting while any ball is still in motion.
  • Driving any ball off the table.
  • Touching the cue ball, or making contact with two or more object balls. If one object ball is touched and moved the opponent has the option to move it back to its original position.
  • Not contacting one of the shooter's group balls first.
  • Not contacting a rail with any ball after the cue ball contacts a legal object ball.
  • If an object ball is frozen to a rail, then after the cue ball contacts that ball, you must drive:            
    • that ball to another rail. 
    • the cue ball to any rail,
    • a third ball to any rail.
    • Double-hitting the cue ball with the cue stick. (If the cue & object balls are touching, you may shoot straight through.  If they are very close you must shoot at an angle.)
    • Altering or stopping the motion of any ball in the game.
    • Not touching the floor with a foot during the shot.
    • Any form of coaching.  If a player wishes to check on a rule, he should approach an official with his opponent.
    • A player calling a foul must be within 8 feet of the table at the time of the foul.
    • Penalty for all of these fouls is cue ball in hand anywhere on the table, shooting in any direction. The player may adjust the position of the cue ball with the cue, but not the tip.


Losing the Game

A player shall lose the game if they:

  • Pockets the 8-ball on the break and scratches or jumps a ball off the table.
  • Makes the 8-ball in any pocket not designated.
  • Makes the 8-ball without calling or designating a pocket.
  • Makes the 8-ball out of turn (before all object balls).
  • Jumps the 8-ball off the table.
  • Scratches the cue ball while shooting the 8-ball.
  • Commits any foul while pocketing the 8-ball.
  • Failure to hit the 8 is a foul, but not a game-losing foul.



  • Team playoff position:  Ties in the standings will be broken first by head-to-head play. If there are more than 2 teams that are tied, all the teams must have played each other in order for the results to go to head-to-head. Otherwise, least points against, then +/-, then most points for will determine the placement in that order.
  • The SSC office will update the playoff schedule once all scores have been submitted and after the last regular season game.  Please do not assume the time/location of your playoff game until team names have been posted into the schedule. 



Remember… Always have fun!


All games will be played at Peacock Billiards located at 1175 Douglas Street.