Valentine's Day 2020 - #VSSCLOVE Stories

The week before Valentine's Day, we reached out to VSSC teams & players on social media and out at the games for their stories of #VSSCLOVE. The response has been incredible, and we've compiled all the stories below! We hope they give you a smile, and show how friends, family and yes, even love can all be enhanced through sport.

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A love letter from Rachel to her basketball team, Sons of Michael Jordan!

"I love my team because I get to play basketball with my brother and sister. We grew up playing so it’s so much fun to be on the same team. Also getting to play with friends and people who we grew up in the basketball community with. My whole team is an extended family to me! Love them so much!"


Meet Kelly & Peter, volleyball players with VSSC!

They're dating and have been playing with the VSSC for 2.5 years.

They met at a softball tournament about three years ago, and started dating only six months ago. They play both softball and volleyball, and love playing against fun teams and having great rallies!


Meet Derek and Jeff!

They've been playing with the VSSC on and off for 5 years and are currently playing volleyball with the club. They met 14 years ago working a mall job in their hometown of Prince George, and began dating a year later.

They now live in a tiny house together with their golden retriever and two cats! They love the affordability and customization that comes with tiny house living, but they admit that it sometimes feels like a "funny farm" with all the pets sharing the space!


Eva and Shelby play for the volleyball team “Safe Sets”!

They’ve been friends since elementary school, so roughly 15 years. They’ve also been playing volleyball together for their schools and competitively throughout that time period. Thanks to VSSC they’re able to continue to play the game they love with a friend they love! 


At VSSC we love to see you smile! Craig and Katherine (happily married) are in their first season of futsal and are having a great time. Thanks for always sharing those smiles with us!


Her: Hatsuho (Started with VSSC last Fall in Coed Basketball, this season is playing in Women’s 5 vs 5 Basketball & ASOS & Pub Social)
Him: Behrooz (1st season with VSSC, plays Tues. Volleyball and ASOS & Pub Social)

Q: How long have you been married? 
A: 6 years.

Q: Where did you meet?
A: The University of Regina in the campus library.
Q: The library?  How romantic.

Q: (To Behrooz) what has been your favourite All Sorts of Sports “Sport” you have played so far?
A: Definitely Dodgeball, but cannot wait for next week’s Floor Hockey!

Q: What is your favourite car jam?
A: (Both)  Jazzzzz!!

Q: Do you like St. Germain?  They rule!
A: Who?
Q: That’s an epic Jazz Fail! 
Temi: There’s the door…

Q: (To Behrooz) Name a fun fact about Hatsuho.
A: She is such an exceptional basketball player!  We were playing together one day and someone took me aside and told me “she is sooo much better than you!”

Q: (To Hatsuho) Name a fun fact about Behrooz.
A: Tough Question! *she joked

Q: What do you lovebirds have planned for Valentines Day?
A: Celebrating with VSSC at Friday Night ASOS & Pub Social!

Q: Only in Canada can Floor Hockey be romantic…


Meet Anna and Cheryl!

Anna and Cheryl are teammates on GOATS in the intermediate division of Wednesday basketball. They have been playing on the same team for 9 years! Cheryl recently had a new baby (6 months old) and Anna has traveled to every continent. Wow!


Meet Stephanie and Andrew!

Met through VSSC ASOS, and have been together for 2 years. 

They have been with VSSC for 2 awesome years playing dodgeball, volleyball, floor hockey and ASOS. They grew up only a few hours always in Alberta but only first met through VSSC!


Meet Fraser and Anna!

Fraser and Anna are a couple who play together on Toon Squad in the intermediate division of Wednesday basketball. They have been playing together for 4 years!